Bridal trends for 2018

I chose to write my next blog post on bridal trends, mainly because I spend a lot of my time on Pinterest, reading fashion magazines and dress articles so I see so many new fashions popping up but also because I feel like it may be an interesting read for those of you who are planning to get married or have plans to go to a special event.


I wanted to begin my list with a trend I love. The options are endless for this one, from experimenting with textures, lengths and colours. Perhaps you want a modern new way for a cover up for a winter wedding, or an extra layer if your dress is more exposed than you would like for the ceremony, but not for the remainder of the day. Capes are also a way to add texture too, if you’d like to mix and match and have the chance to alternate this throughout your day if you wish.


Sleeves are everywhere on the catwalks this year, from bell, bishop to flutter sleeves, they can really add a stylish feel to your dress if you don’t want to expose your arms too much. Beginning with bell sleeves, these have a 70’s style to them, ranging from long lengths or a short detail, bell sleeves are full at the cuff and can be a way of featuring a large amount of lace in an unusual way. Bishop sleeves are tight on the cuff and full on the top. You could play around with different fabrics and fullness for this type of sleeve to create a unique look. Then we have the more timeless sleeve shapes, such as flutter which is a draping subtle sleeve mainly on the upper arm, to cap sleeves and illusion long sleeves.

armwarmersrimearodaky (Image courtesy Rime Arodaky. Bridal Fashion week 2018)


Ball gowns pop up again this year as one of the firm favourites, but a more slinkier style is also looking more popular. Fabrics such as mikado, crepe and satin are seem to be popular choices. I find this trend of a slinkier shape can also be great for the cape trend too. A style I am really fond of is the bridal jumpsuit as an alternative for a wedding dress, because who says you have to wear a dress?! If you feel much more comfortable wearing trousers, then this might be the one. Play around with the shape, fabric and length.


This of course is not a new trend, but features such as 3d embroidery, delicacy and contrast of trims bring some new fashions. Starting on 3d embroidery which includes handmade flowers, leaves and shapes. This type of embroidery usually features on bodices, going onto skirts. Also seen is delicate lace featured on sheer fabrics and thicker lace such as guipure and crochet lace, this is also featured in my new collection of dresses and gives a nod to the bohemian look which is a main feature featured throughout. Not to forget how many feather trims were featured too, another trend I love!

cacading%20shoulder%20bows%20berta%20bridal.jpg (Image courtesy Berta Bridal)

I am really excited about some of these trends, I’m very textile based within my designs and I like to mix and match different textures to create something interesting. I’m a firm believer in sourcing my lace locally, and being located close to Nottingham, this could not be better to supplying mainly Nottingham Lace where possible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I’d love to hear your comments or fashion trends you love (or hate!) in 2018.

GL x

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